The project has five main points:
1. Opposition to dead media. Media never dies, it decays and rots, and is reformed and remixed but always “stays as a residue in the soil”.
2. Opposition to planned obsolescence, which is an “unsupportable death drive” in the political media consumption and media ecology of the circulation of desires.
3. Depunctualisation of media, by promoting the open hacking and understanding of ‘black box’ systems.
4. Media archaeology as artistic methodology – the remixing of technology from textual material to material methodology
5. Reuse is an important dynamic of contemporary culture, an open and remix culture should be extended to physical artifacts.
Garnet Hertz and Jussi Parikka’s ‘Zombie Media‘ project
research stream for a project by nicolas nova (the near future laboratory / HEAD-Genève) about the hybridization of reggae-dub with digital culture (glitch, 8bits, video-game aesthetic).

probably a book, probably not.

in English et en français, selon.

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